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Near River Dwellers

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Dedicated to all Veterans & Their Families
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... All Gave Some and Some Gave All ...

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Remembering 9-11
For all our Veterans

One of the things Native Americans are know for is there lifting up of our Veterans. To that end we have created a page where Veterans may find information and assistance. This for all Veterans and there families. In 2009 we increased the honoring the veterans and people that lost there lives and those who helped us thought the ordeal of 9-11. We do a simple service at our Pow Wows with the help of our Honor Guard and simple Roll Call of members that have Crossed over and a 21 Gun Salute with Taps in honor of them and all Veterans.

In 2001 our country had a major problem, that of us being attacked on our own land. The response of the Fire Departments, Police and Law Enforcement Departments, Emergency Medical personnel, and all First Responders was called upon and they answered that call with all the honor of a true warrior and a Veteran. To than end and in Honor of their service the Native American Community opened these Warrior Societies to these brave individuals and they are welcome in our Circle at any time. We will be honoring all in our circle at the Strong Sun Pow Wow at Ivey Redmond Sports Complex in Kernersville NC.

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Veterans are dying every day from the cancer cause by
Agent Orange.
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We hope and pray a cure can be found soon.

Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
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For more information click here

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The Green Barets Ballad

A Brother Goes Home

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We are proud to introduce a New Sponser with the Near River Dwellers!

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This is a Veteran owned and operated company located in the U.S.A. They customize Embroidered Patches for boy scout patches, girl scout patches, martial arts patches, companies, professional organizations, sports patches, biker patches, or any organization or business that desires immediate recognition. Their phone number is 866 577-2824. Give them a call today and speak with one of their professional staff members and they will help you with your special design in mind!

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Honoring those who have crossed:

Chief Bill_White_Eagle_Wilson (48K)
Chief Bill White Eagle Wilson
Robert_Cherokee Bob_Druin (34K)
Robert Spirit Dancer Druin
(Cherokee Bob)
December 2007
No Photo Available

Terri Banner
No Photo Available

Norm Vaughn-Lloyd
Charles  Vaughn (39K)
Charles Vaughn-Lloyd
March 2010
SSGT Bennie_Deerman_Bodenhamer (41K)
War Chief
Bennie Deerman Bodenheimer
Fred_Blue Eagle_Wilson (56K)
Fred Blue Eagle Wilson
October 2007
Ken Blueface Long (45K)
Ken Blueface Long
January 2013
Phil_Gaddy (27K)
Phillip LeRoy Gaddy
April 2013
Gene Hall (45K)
Gene Hall
July 2013
Alex Albair (30K)
Alex "Butch" Albair
September 2015
Jerry R. Cassidy (51K)
Jerry R. Cassidy
November 2015
Maxcine Perdue (29K)
Maxine Perdue
December 2015
Terry Knight
June 2016

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Remembering The Cost of Freedom

Veterans Links
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Veterans of Foregin Wars
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Veterans Memorial Foundation
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Vietnam Veterans of America
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Marine Corp League
American_Legion_Logo (44K)
American Legion
WWP_Logo (19K)
Wounded Warriors Project
Just_Cause_Logo (25K)
Operation Just Cause
AM_Vets_Logo (36K)
Army Veterans
Coffee_Shop (58K)
Richard's Coffee Shop

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"Working Together all things are Possible"