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Citizenship in the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe can be accomplished in several ways. We accept people who can prove ancestery to a known Native American listed on one of the rolls. This is done thought genealogical research and following some simple directions. This tribe is a Mixed Blood tribe and always has been; therefore, individuals who are other than Cherokee may be accepted into citizenship. These persons shall have all priviliges of the tribe, including being elected to Tribal Offices, even the office of Chief. They shall also be afforded voting power in the tribe. Citizens who are adopted or hold associate membership shall have the right to hold any appointed office other than a seat on the Tribal council or the office of Chief. We maintain the right to adopt individuals whom our tribal council feels are Native American and, for whatever reason, cannot completely prove there bloodlines beyond reasonable doubt. Our veterans represent a group deserving of assistance whenever needed. The Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe is associated with the National Native American Veterans Association. Veteran Memorial Foundation on a local basis and are pleased to assist veterans living in this area with paperwork, information, ect.

Additional information on becoming a Citizen can be reviewed on our Citizenship Web Page.

For more information please contact the Tribal Office 1-336-926-4607
You can also email the Tribal Office for more information.

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