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Near River Dwellers

Declaration of Sovereignty
Of the
Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe

We the people; of the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe; being descended from many separate Native American Tribes, Bands, Nations. Do together join with the men, women and children of all Nations in standing before the threshold of time.

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We acknowledge our desire for this document, and the actions of our leaders and our people to stand as beacons of hope unto any man, woman, or child, who is of Native American decent, and whose family or themselves may have been denied admission into the limited tribal roles which were acknowledged and established by the conquering government of the United States. We recognize that their role was not written to truly be a record of all the descendants of the indigenous tribes of the United States, but were rather to establish and limit the degree of their responsibility unto such person both then and in the future; and considering that the objective of methods was to annihilate any Tribe or any people, who by their own standards; had no written language or constitution and to erase all memories of them and their people from the face of the earth forever.

We feel compelled by the spirit of grace, to open the doors of admission into our tribe unto any man, woman or child who can demonstrate that they have even one Indian descendant in their line of ancestors, and in so doing, to afford these descendants of this unspeakable tragedy the opportunity to reestablish at least some remembrance of their people, and the ways of their people; among and with, other indigenous people, who themselves strive to establish the same thing; and in unity to combine our knowledge, our strength, our hope, our education, and our resources, to secure for ourselves and our prosperity justice, peace, and liberty which with the blessing of the creator may afford the opportunity to not only set right one of the worse tragedies in the history of this world, but also to live as a nation with in a nation, and in peace among those, who in the age of their own ignorance and having the eyes of their understanding darkened and blinded to the true outcome of their deeds, did engage in and create this holocaust; and together to strive to build such a future, that all future generations as long as the Sun shall shine, and the Moon gives it’s light, many witness our actions this day and the deeds of those who help us in this endeavor to stand as a testimony of the healing grace of our creator, and prove to be a blessing for both our people, and theirs as well, and our prayer before creating these things is that many may prove to be the memorial unto our fallen that shall enable their memories and their names be remembered and to stand forever thought-out all the generations; and that this will become the flame of the fire of desire that will burn in the hearts of our people today and
thought-out the ages.


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"Working Together all things are Possible"