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Near River Dwellers

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There are several aspects concerning citizenship in this tribe. The primary requirement is proving Native American ancestry. Heritage must be proven to a known Native American who is listed on the Dawes rolls or on other tribal rolls. Ancestry may be traced to the Cherokee, Delaware, Apache, Seminole or any other tribe.

Our name may imply the tribe is totally Cherokee; however, the tribe is and always has been of of mixed blood. Out people came from a bloodline known as Moytoy and Snowbird. We do follow many of the Cherokee traditions as our ancestery were the founders of the Cherokee Nation as it is know today. Our tribe recognizes and appreciates diversity within the tribal culture, and we will support and assist you in following your particular tribal heritage and traditions in every way feasible within our tribal organization. Many years ago it was written that all men are created equal, and shall have the right of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. To this end, we as a tribe realize some will not be able to completely prove their heritage due to records being destroyed or names being changed. This was sometimes done to protect individuals or their forefathers. Therefore this tribe maintains the right to adopt these individuals as our tribal council deems appropriate and within the best interest of the tribe.

We also maintain the following beliefs:

 1. We shall have the right to worship the Creator as we see fit and as our culture tells us.
 2. We shall have the right to be free from persecution for our beliefs.
 3. We shall have the right to honor our ancesters as we see fit.
 4. We shall have freedom of speech.
 5. We shall have the right to open association.
 6. We shall have the right to bear arms in the defense of our county and nation.
 7. We shall present ourselves in a positive manner.
 8. We shall have all rights affored by the constitution of the United States.
 9. We shall have the right as a soverign government to deal with other governmental bodies      in a government to government relationship.
10. We shall have the right to honor our veterans and elders as we see fit.

If you are looking for a Tribal home we would be honored to talk with you in detail.

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"Working Together all things are Possible"